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Our site has a new look and new contact information because we moved back home to Montana.

Suicide Prevention

This topic is not directly related to hitched horsehair. But it is important because of the percentage of military veterans and others who are contemplating suicide or following through and dying. Just down the road from us on the Flathead Rez is a small town called Arlee. The Arlee Warriors High School Basketball team made suicide prevention their main mission this season of 2016-2017. Yes, they won Montana State Class C basketball again this year, making it two years in a row. Their State dedication video is about hope. A New York Times reporter followed the team this past year. The article was in print on April 8, 2018. This article and the video, plus lots other info is on the Arlee Warriors Basketball Facebook. We don't do Facebook, but can access this info. Please check out the Arlee kids, and spread the word. You don't know who could use this info, and you could save someone's life. Thanks, Shoni and Ron
Who we are & What we do
Suppliers of Hitched Horsehair Books, Finished Products and Workshops

We take horsetail hair and create products with the hair. It's called hitched horsehair. Most of our finished products are custom orders – we work with you to create what you desire. We also wrote how-to books so you can learn how to hitch. And we teach workshops so you can advance your skills quickly.

Our mission is to spark your imagination and creativity, whether with finished hitched horsehair products. Or you learning how to hitch.

Hitched horsehair products are some of the most sought after products in the western field. Collectors are continuously looking for unique and rare pieces which often sell for thousands of dollars.

Our Work

Ron and Shoni Maulding are an award-winning team who have taken hitching to new levels. We collaborate on all our projects, though not always working on each project together. Shoni hitches horsehair. Ron produces the leatherwork and metal work, usually sterling silver, for the hitched inlays in bolos, buckles, necklaces. He also creates the metal and semi-precious stone work for the bridles and quirts. We take hitched horsehair into non-traditional objects such as a full-size Indian cradleboard, quiver, purses, and jewelry.

Mariposa Lapwai (butterfly, butterfly) has been our most challenging, rewarding, and collectible piece. It's modeled after old pieces, and has Ron's original hand-crafted sterling silver and brass metalwork for the four rosettes and browband piece. The silver butterflies and roses are engraved, with semi-precious stones. Some hitching processes were accomplished by using specially designed jigs which Ron made specifically for that purpose.

Close-up of Mariposa Lapwai noseband
  Our Mariposa Lapwai bridle is priced at $26,000.00.


Shoni is a 6th generation Montanan with agricultural ties to ranching, farming, and commercial beekeeping. Her ancestral ties of Northern Shoshone and European blood, and Ron's ingenuity and creativity show in their work.


Hitched Horsehair: The Complete Guide for Self-Learning stands alone. This complete and comprehensive book teaches you step-by-step how to hitch, finish projects, and use graph paper to design patterns.

Hitched Horsehair II: Advanced Patterns and Inlay Projects fulfills the many requests for advanced patterns with complete directions. And if you want to put hitched inlays in leather this book is for you. Photos and illustrations for making inlay projects include buckles, belts, checkbook covers, saddles, Indian cradleboard, quiver, and more.

These books show some of the award-winning projects the Mauldings have mastered through their creativity and design work that are the first to be done in the art of hitched horsehair and silverwork.

We welcome you to start creating your hitched horsehair collection today. Click on Books for more information and ordering.

Custom Hitched Horsehair Products
Order your own finished custom hitched horsehair products made by these award-winning artists. Click on Products for information for your specialized item.

Current Shows & Exhibitions

We currently do not have any shows or exhibitions scheduled.

We teach one-on-one three day workshops, taking up to two students at a time in our studio at Saint Ignatius, Montana. Check the Workshop page for more information.

Academy of Western Artists

Shoni was inducted into the Academy of Western Artists as Horsehair Hitcher of the Year, 2012. This is a lifetime achievement award. The Will Rogers Cowboy Awards were established by the AWA in 1996 when western publisher, Bobby Newton, saw the need to recognize the performers and artisans who were taking the contemporary cowboy and western movement to new and exciting heights.

Ron and Shoni attended the ceremony in February, 2013, at Fort Worth, Texas, where Shoni received her Will Rogers statue. The trip was memorable – both the ceremony and the kind people of Fort Worth who showed us around the city and helped us navigate public transportation. The Fort Worth Stockyards Museum is a must. To support AWA and become a member, go to www.AWAAwards.org

Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame

Hitched Horsehair and Braided Horsehair were inducted into the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center in 2017.

Technical Advisers

From 2012 through 2015, we were technical advisers for the book, Horsehair Bridles: A Unique American Folk Art, by Ned and Jody Martin. It was published in 2016.

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