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Mariposa Lapwai has been our most challenging, rewarding, and collectible piece. We present this piece as prestigious, distinctive, and bold.

The reins created to go with the Mariposa Lapwai headstall are not traditional. We stepped it up, using 18 inches of hitched horsehair, then going into braided rawhide. Also, sterling silver covers the joint between hitching and rawhide.

About our Products

We sell only our products because hitched horsehair is a collectible art form. This allows consistency and reliability in design and color combinations. Our innovative ideas and full-time endeavors assure you the highest quality products available.

You choose the colors and we work with your color combinations. Our color range includes blues, turquoise, reds, yellows, greens, gray, purples, pinks, browns, orange, natural black, and natural white. If you're unsure of what to choose, we guide you through this process.


If you like a particular pattern, let us know. We can use that as a guide, using your colors and changing it up a bit so you don't have the same thing your neighbor has. Or we can design new patterns. See the Photo Gallery for samples of our products.

Custom Orders

Custom orders comprise the majority of our work. Your waiting time varies with orders ahead of you. Belts take four to six weeks to make once started. We send estimates for any highly unusual item or design. We work with you on your custom order. Just ask! We look forward to creating your specialized item.

Functional Art with Longevity

It is important to note that hitched horsehair is not the same as braided horsehair. Hitched horsehair is a series of knots with horse tail hair. Braiding is…..think a girl's hair. Hitched horsehair will last generations, while braiding does not have the same lasting stability.

You are purchasing functional art with hitched horsehair.

Retail Price List
Belts – All belt widths are approximate

  • Belt, 1 3/8ʺ wide; belt size up to 36ʺ: $1,100.00
        Larger belt sizes at $25.00 per additional inch.
  • Belt, 1 1/4ʺ wide; belt size up to 36ʺ: $1,000.00
        Larger belt sizes at $25.00 per additional inch.
  • Belt, 1ʺ wide; belt size up to 32ʺ: $900.00
        Larger belt sizes at $25.00 per additional inch.

Pictorial designs are an additional $200.00 added to the above pries due to the difficulty in designing and hitching. Pictorials mixed with geometric designs create a striking item. Pictorials include, but are not limited to, bears, eagles, End of the Trail, moosehead, buffalo, blue pony. Some pictorials are limited to certain widths of belts.

Traditional leather belt ends which require a buckle are made from textured black or brown leather. Or choose leather belt ends which tie.

The joint where leather and the hitched blank are sewn together is covered with leather. Other options are sterling silver banding or traditional needle knots.

Traditional needle knots are made with artificial sinew or saddle stitching thread. We do not use horsehair because this is a wear area – individual hairs can poke out, causing irritation to the elbow. Traditional needle knots are an additional cost of $60.00.

Sterling silver banding is optional on any belt. The banding covers the joint where the hitched blank and leather are sewn together. This is a complex process because the silver banding cannot slip on the belt, nor can it cut into the leather or hitched blank. Sterling silver banding is $200.00.

Group photo of hitched horsehair belts

Photo is of Shoni's Mary Use belt – named after her great-great grandmother.
The geometric design is patterned after Mary Use's beadwork on moccasins. Note the leather tie ends.

Hitched Inlays in Sterling Silver

These pieces are likened to the old Southwest pawn, where each piece is handmade, without any cast silverwork. Choose from various bezel styles. Solid bezels are complex to make because of forming a relatively thick amount of metal to two arcs of angles to its maximum capabilities, without fatigue of the metal.

Items we make are necklaces, bolos, pins, belt buckles. Prices start at $495.00.

Headstalls, Reins, Bridles

At this time, we are not making individual custom bridles. We are using our own ideas and creating bridles which will be on our website in the future.

We named this quirt "First Ever Quirt" as we believe it's the first time hitched horsehair, sterling silver, turquoise, and braided rawhide have been on a quirt. This sold, but we can create an original for you.

Canes & Walking Sticks

Our butterfly cane sold at Trappings of the American West at Flagstaff, Arizona. Photos are in the Photo Gallery.

Awhile back we hitched canes for a brother and sister. Their grandfather had put hames on the top end of a stick of wood. We added hitched horsehair over the wood. Ron made brass fittings to cover both ends of the hitching. He polished up the hames, put hardwood on the bottom of the Bruce's cane, and polished up the metal on the bottom of the Nancy's cane. Ron also made oak display cases for both canes. Bruce had an old hitched belt which is also in his display case. We call Bruce's cane "controlled complexity", and Nancy's cane "chaotic complexity". More photos in the Photo Gallery.

Please inquire for individual quote. Prices vary with each piece, depending on patterns, size, complexity, any metalwork, etc.

Other One-of-a Kind Products

We offer other one-of-a kind items with hitched horsehair that will not be duplicated, i.e. Indian cradleboard, quiver, capelet. Please inquire for prices. Photos will be in the Photo Gallery. Please inquire for prices.


A $100.00 deposit is required with placement of a belt order. Other items require a higher deposit. After receiving your order and payment, we contact you stating approximately when the order will be started. Once finished, we ask for payment balance. Your item is shipped when full payment is received.

Shipping charges on finished product vary with the item.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Technical Advisers

From 2012 through 2015, we were technical advisers for the book, Horsehair Bridles: A Unique American Folk Art, by Ned and Jody Martin. It was published in 2016.

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